Long Distance Victory

I hired another agent who spent a year with my listing and got me exactly one offer and even suggested that I take $120,000 less than the asking price because the market in So Cal was “soft”. Out of desperation, I happened upon Katiana after Googling her and reading her reviews. I could not be happier with her services, attention to detail and professionalism. Katiana does not just sell real estate, she “markets” the properties that she has under contract. That’s what sets her apart from a real estate salesperson. She put up with a buyer from Hell, an impatient seller (me) and typical red tape from local and state agencies without missing a beat. She had 5 legitimate buyers within 2 months and I accepted an offer within 10 weeks. Through no fault of her own, the transaction took a little longer than anticipated but Katiana kept me informed every step of the way. Living over 3000 miles away,what could have been a nerve wracking experience turned into a pleasurable one. I would recommend Katiana’s services to anyone and my only regret is that she is not licensed in MA as I will be selling my own home soon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.