“I could’ve sworn we were her only customers…”

It is so difficult to express with words what an incredible experience we had looking for our perfect home with Katiana. I could’ve sworn we were her only customers just based off of how much of her time she dedicated to our search. Be it mornings, nights, weekdays, weekends, you name it, Katiana had all the time and patience in the world. We never once felt pressured or rushed into purchasing a home that we weren’t 100% comfortable with. She was with us at every, single step of the process, explaining the ins and outs, following up after every offer, being there for us whenever we needed her. It was truly a fresh of breath air considering the countless stories of bad experiences we had heard from friends and acquaintances. We honestly felt like we had an unfair advantage on all other buyers with this amazing person/realtor up our sleeves lol. I can go on, and on, and on but I’d end up with carpal tunnel by the time I was done. Thank you so much for everything Katiana and I truly hope that many others get to experience what the perfect search for the perfect home should be like we did with you.