“I can’t say enough good things …”

I can’t say enough good things about this team and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell their home or purchase a new home.

Katiana was not only responsive throughout the process, but also very proactive in contacting us when a new listing came up that met our parameters and when there was a new development with our transaction once we were under contract. She showed us many houses before we finally found the one that suited our needs and was not only patient with us, but also particularly knowledgeable when it came to knowing what to look for (ex: how old the A/C unit is, if the water heater is functional, rough cost of repairs/renovations we may want to do upon moving in, etc).
Once we had an accepted offer on a property, she went over the purchase contract with us line by line and explained each item in detail. She was sitting across from us while we reviewed the contract and she didn’t have a copy in front of her – She basically has the entire CA purchase contract (10+ pages of legal verbiage) memorized! After the inspection report came back on our home, there were many items listed that were considered urgent matters to take care of. The biggest one was the discovery of asbestos in the attic. We weren’t sure at that point if we were going to be able to move forward, but Katiana and Kevin were amazing in negotiating the removal of the asbestos with the seller since it was a rather expensive job. It got taken care of, and we still moved into our new home within 30 days of signing the contract.

Katiana and Kevin are also very well connected in their industry – we used the inspector recommended by them who was excellent, as well as a general contractor they recommended who did an amazing job on some repairs we had to get done after moving in and was even cheaper than we expected!

I’m actually a mortgage loan officer myself and I work with realtors on a regular basis. In all my experience I have never before seen an agent work so hard and so efficiently for their client(s) as Katiana and Kevin did for us.